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I have been cooking for 40 years but it all started with the stuff I ate, loved to eat and was even forced when I was a kid. Let these stories take you back, from the 1960's to the 1980's in New Haven, Boston and New York.

Enjoy the ride though amusement parks, pizza shops, smelly delis, drive-thrus, dirty streets and the world that made me a chef.




Feb 22, 2019

Follow me through my childhood meals, led by my dominant mother Ro "the Boss". Learn about the foods I loved and hated as a grew from feetie pajamas to crushes on TV Cartoon characters. This is part one. 

The blog to match the podcast is up

Feb 4, 2019

I am also posting this story in a series blogs posts.

Check it out

Clambellies and Apizza

Jan 26, 2019

Episode two of Clam Bellies and Apizza memoir podcast takes us back to new haven in the 1960's. I tell the stories of how my toe grandmothers--Nonnies this is, get me interested in food. Lots of laughs! I also include a recipe for my BIG Nonnies Minestra and some great surf rock at the end.

Jan 25, 2019

Clam Belles and Apizza is a Chef's memoir of the foods I ate growing up in the Northeast that inspired me to become a chef. The stories are about foods that my grandmothers (Nonnies), my mother, my stepfather, waitresses, chefs and other maniacs MADE me eat. From "Abeetz", Clam Bellies and Subs in New Haven, to...